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What The Media Says About The Chinese Teashop

Fresh Food Diva

The art of making Chinese tea the traditional way is quite an involved process, so I sat down with Daniel Lui of The Chinese Tea Shop in Chinatown to learn some great tips on choosing quality teas and< making them the correct way to maximize their taste while getting the most bang for my buck.

National Geographic Traveler Magazine

Take an impromptu crash course in making “Gong-fu Cha,” a style of tea, at The Chinese Tea Shop (101 E. Pender St.; 604 633-1322). Proprietor Daniel Lui starts by arranging a tiny teapot, cups, tongs, and a strainer on a porous bamboo mat. After seasoning the pot and warming the cups (among other steps), the tea is finally ready to be slurped—not sipped.

Westcoast Adventures (video)

The Chinese Tea Shop sits at the corner of East Pender and Columbia Street. It is a small yet intriguing shop filled with Chinese antiques, carved stamps, displays of teacups and packages of premium Chinese tea. The shop had a fine aroma of dried tea and the ambiance was warm and inviting.

The Dependent Magazine

Gong Fu Cha: “to make tea with great skill.” It is regarded in China as not only an art form but a cemented tradition, and Daniel Lui, proprietor of The Chinese Tea Shop, is one of the few people in Vancouver keeping this tradition alive.

Inside Vancouver

Believe it or not, I’m about to kung fu my tea. Inside the Chinese Tea Shop, on the corner of Pender and Columbia Streets, I’m learning Gong-Fu Cha, literally Tea Kung Fu or the fine art of tea making. My guide is master tea maker Daniel Lui, who immigrated from Hong Kong in 1997 and knows more about the Chinese tea ceremony than probably anyone in North America.

CBC Radio-Canada Web Series - Génies en herbe: l'aventure (English video with French subtitles)

Visite au salon de thé dans le quartier chinois. Jennifer Lui à la boutique Chinese Tea Shop montre aux visiteurs comment faire le thé à l'aide de Gong Fu cha. Jennifer Lui from the Chinese Tea Shop shows visitors from Quebec how to make tea using Gong-Fu cha.