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Premium Hang Bai Gong Chrysanthemum Flower


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Product Description

Hang Bai Gong Chrysanthemum comes from HangZhou city, Zhejiang province. Hang represents the city HangZhou, Bai means white, and Gong represents tribute. China has been been growing and producing chrysanthemum flowers for tea drinking for the past 300 year. The best season to harvest chrysanthemum is in early November when farmers have only approximately 10 days to harvest the flowers. After that, the quality of the flowers will deteriorate. The flowers are harvest not more than five times each year. The first harvest is when the flowers are not fully opened. It is called Tai (buds) chrysanthemum. After few days, the farmers will harvest again, it becomes premium grade Bai Gong white tribute chrysanthemum. The third and fourth harvested flowers are grade one and grade two quality. The premium grade chrysanthemum flowers are in uniform size and perfect shape. The petals are thick and clean. After steeping in hot water, the flowers open up with white coloured pedals and yellow cores. Tea: Premium Hang Bai Gong ChrysanthemumFactory: Long Tai Origin: HangZhou city, Zhejiang provinceAppearance: Flowers are medium loose and light. The color is ivory white. Cores are in yellow color.Aroma: Deep and sweet. Taste: Very delicate. Sweet and refreshing. Types: FlowerHarvest Period: November. 2011

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